St Andrew’s, Alfriston Flower Guild

St Andrew’s Flower Guild follows a centuries-old custom of decorating the church with greenery and fresh flowers to celebrate festivals and services throughout the year, to worship God and to glorify in the beauty of his creation. St Andrew’s receives a huge number of visitors compared to most village churches and, for this reason, flowers are an important part of the appreciation of the church, often being seen by hundreds each week.

The Guild consists of friendly and supportive volunteers, and is always looking for new members.

Would you like to join?

It is not a huge commitment, and if you love flowers you can easily learn to arrange them, working with others until confident to take a turn. Many have begun as utter beginners, but derive great pleasure from the sense of achievement which comes from learning this skill.

If you would like to know more about St Andrew’s Flower Guild, or would like to join please contact Sherry Ward