The Bells at St Andrew’s, Alfriston

The bells of St Andrew’s, Alfriston are a source of great interest to visitors to the church. Although not unique, less than 20 churches in the British Isles have bells hung in a central tower and rung from the floor of the Chancel crossing. This unusual configuration means that unlike most churches (where bell-ringers are hidden away in a west tower), when the bells are rung at St Andrew’s congregation and visitors are treated to the dramatic skills of a well trained bell-ringing team. If you have never experienced this you are very welcome to come along and watch.

The bells are rung every Sunday before the main service at 11 a.m., and at major Christian festivals (e.g. Ascension Day), to glorify God and to remind all around that the church is part of the community. They are also rung for Weddings, and even Christenings and Funerals, on occasion. To honour or remember major events in the nation’s life the bells are also rung, often in a Quarter Peal (about 40 minutes), and sometimes even a Full Peal (about 3 hours).

There are 6 bells at St Andrews, with the oldest one dating back to 1390. You can find out more about the bells here.

If you are interested in ringing bells, or would like to join St Andrew’s bell-ringing team please contact the Bell Tower Captain, Pauline Kennard 07792 948 709 or click here to learn about the Ringing Remembers project to honour the 1,400 bell ringers who were killed in WW1